Leagues and Events

All classes at the Front Range Gun Club are monitored by NRA certified personnel.
Ammunition may be purchased at the club - not included in class price.
Handguns and rifles may be rented at the club - not included in price of class.
Ear and Eye protection required. You do not need to be a member of the club to participate in any of our classes.

The Front Range Gun Club - Classes -- Click on class for Details
TypeSummaryEvent Dates
ClassCHP Next Level/Covering Holster work, IW, OWB, Fla....We-09/04,We-11/13
ClassCHP/CCW/Note* Saturday Classes : 1 pm - 7 pm Sun....Sa-09/14,Su-10/13,Sa-11/16,Su-12/15
ClassCHP/CCW Q&A Bounce Session/Question and answer ses....We-08/21,We-10/16
ClassChris Cerino - Combat Pistol/NOTE: Only the dates....Fr-11/01,Sa-11/02
ClassChris Cerino - Diagnostic Pistol Instructor/NOTE:....Su-11/03,Mo-11/04
ClassGuns & Ammo/A Co-ed approach! If you are wishing t....We-10/09,We-12/04
ClassHammer & Nails/This is a Women's Only Class! If....We-09/11
ClassKids Rifle Class/4 pm - 5:30 pm This very basic....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
ClassOpSpec Practical Pistol Fundamentals/This is a two....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
ClassReloading/Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Cours....Sa-09/28
ClassSkill Builder 1 (Range Time only) - 1 1/2 hour/Inf....We-08/21,We-09/25,We-10/16,We-11/06
ClassSkill Builder 2 (Range Time only) - 2 hours/Formal....Th-09/05,Th-10/10,Th-11/07,Th-12/05
ClassSkill Builder 3 (Range Time only) - 4 hour/4 hour....Th-09/19,Th-10/24,Th-11/21,Th-12/19
EventCustomers Appreciation Day/Different firearms and....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
EventFULL AUTO - Members Only Event/Aaron Cayce from Ph....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
EventK9 Fund Raiser/Northern Colorado Comrades for K-9....Su-03/01
EventLast Man Standing/6 pm - 8 pm Fast paced, criti....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
EventLow Light Fun Shooting Event/6 pm – 8 pm Call F....We-10/30
EventTWAW/Ladies Interested in learning to shoot? Or ma....Fr-09/13,Fr-10/11,Fr-11/08,Fr-12/13
League10-5-1/6 pm - 8 pm 10-5-1 is a Firearms course....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
LeagueBowling/6 pm - 8 pm *All minors must be accompa....Tu-08/27
LeagueBullseye Rimfire or Centerfire League/We are takin....Fr-10/18,Fr-10/25,Fr-11/08,Fr-11/15,Fr-11/22,Fr-12/06,Fr-12/13
LeagueFun Gun Match/6 pm - 8 pm Call Front Range Gun....Tu-08/20,Tu-10/08,Tu-11/12,Th-12/12
LeagueISAS - Indoor Single Action Shooters League/6 pm -....Th-09/12
LeaguePistol Combat League/Rifle Combat League/6 pm - 8....Tu-09/10,Tu-09/17,Tu-09/24,Tu-10/01,Tu-10/15,Tu-10/22,Tu-11/05,Tu-10/29,Tu-11/26,Tu-12/03,Tu-12/10,Tu-12/17
LeagueSteel Shoot/6 pm - 8 pm Steel Targets instead of....No Scheduled Dates, Contact FRGC for future schedule
LeagueUSPSA Style Matches/USPSA (United States Practical....Mo-10/28,Mo-11/25,Mo-01/27,Mo-02/24,Mo-03/23,Mo-04/27